Are you a victim of employer bullying? Do you avoid reporting incidents of discrimination or racism for fear of being retaliated against by your employer?

Here you can read about Aliana's Case Against Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a victim turned advocate drama in the corporate workplace, where she reported incidents of racism at the renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and became relentlessly hunted by management in a harrowing cat and mouse pursuit. Aliana went from disbelief to shock and trauma over the ruthlessness of her employer's bullying and finally to fighting back.

While investigating how racism and discrimination was routinely handled at Dana-Farber, Aliana discovered numerous other cases against the Cancer Institute, a literal serial bully, where some employees were not only systematically harassed out of their jobs, but also cheated out of benefits they were entitled to by law for simply doing what was right.

ALIANA'S MISSION is to help others who are being unfairly bullied, discriminated and retaliated against by their employers to better understand their options and how to persevere, maintain their health and effectively fight back.